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The Tiana Table Runner

Create a beautiful dinner setting and your own unique style  with this gorgeous table runner.

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What are some good beginner sewing projects? This is the best sewing project to start with if you are a new to sewing. In this sewing pattern you will learn how to sew a lining, how to sew corners and much more.
Learn all about the most essential sewing tools in our beginner sewing patterns and sewing magazines. In this sewing pattern you will learn how to sew a lining and how to make patterns.
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Screen Shot 2022 02 23 at 10.28.44
This sewing patterns is the most easiest project to start with if you are new to sewing. Learn how to sew a lining. Easy instructions with great pictures.
This collection is the best sewing  pattern range for beginner sewers in the UK.
Learn how to set-up a sewing machine in our most popular sewing patterns and sewing magazines.

Let your new sewing skills shine by making a statement at your next family meal! Sewing the Tiana Table Runner is the perfect opportunity to create your own unique dinner setting and show off your style and abilities to all of your friends and family!

This sewing pattern is perfect for beginners and intermediates. The instructions are broken down and feature pictures and photos instead of diagrams to make it easier for you to understand and to guide you every step of the way.

The instructions are colourful and full of tips, tricks, and uplifting quotes to give you an empowering sewing experience. My patterns are simple to follow, and I also explain how to download and use PDF patterns.

I provide 16 in-depth pages that will guide you through the project and give you extra knowledge and confidence going into this pattern and many more! Scroll down to learn more.

Pattern Print Size

A4 Digital PDF Pattern

A1/A0 Digital PDF Pattern

Skill Level: This pattern is great for all skill levels, and if you are a beginner, then this is the best sewing pattern to start with.

Price: £10

Important: When you make your purchase, you will receive links to both the magazine and the pattern via email. Make sure that when you purchase your pattern you use an email address that you have regular access to, as this will be the email address that your links will be sent to. I cannot send the links to an alternative email address and file sharing for this pattern is not permitted.

Magazine: You can view the magazine on your laptop, tablet, or phone. For the best viewing experience, view it on your laptop or tablet. This magazine is only viewable online and not downloadable; this is to protect my work.

Pattern: You will receive a link to the PDF of the pattern, which you will be able to download. You can print the A4 version of the pattern on your own printer, and you can use a printing service to print out the A1/A0 version for ease of assembly so that you will not have to stick the pattern together.

Refund Policy: Your sewing pattern PDF files will be available to download once your payment is confirmed. Your digital sewing magazine will be available to view online on a laptop, tablet, or phone. I don't accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations. If you have any problems with your order, then please contact me and I will be happy to help.

Adults and Children's Sewing Pattern

This pattern comes with its own digital sewing magazine.

The magazine has 56 pages full of insight, guidance, and inspiration.

Learn all about topstitching and many other sewing stitches in this beginners sewing patter.
Learn all about top stitching and many other sewing stitches in this beginners sewing patter.
What is a sewing pattern granline, and how do you use it? Learn all about the sewing pattern granline and how to use it in our beginnrs sewing pattern.

What Skills Will You Learn?

Insight Pages

I also provide 24 insight pages which will give you extra knowledge into all kinds of topics such as how to use a sewing machine, how to use your cutting tools, using a seam ripper, the universal presser foot, changing a presser foot, needle charts and changing a needle, understanding the grainline, measuring the grainline, fabric layouts, pattern directions, securing patterns, chalking, and the correct and incorrect ways to pin. Each topic has its own individual page dedicated to learning that topic so you can gain an in-depth understanding of everything you will need for this project and many more to come.


How do you remove sewing stitches?Learn how to remove sewing stitches in this beginners sewing pattern.
In this sewing pattern you will learn about the multi-purpose sewing machine presser foot. You will learn how to is it and how to change a sewing machine presser foot.

What is Included?

As well as offering extra in-depth insights in this sewing pattern and sewing magazine, I also include guide pages. These pages guide you through the making process. The guides include how to set up your sewing machine for straight stitch, how to turn corners, and how to set up your machine for zigzag stitching. Each guide page not only shows you how to do something, but also how you can customise the stitches to create the look that you desire. I also explain why you might change the length and width of your stitches and show detailed pictures to help guide you. There are dedicated guide pages for both manual and digital sewing machines.


Guide Pages

Extra Articles

Did you know that hand sewing has been an art form for over 20,000 years? That is a very long time, and it makes me wonder, where did it all start? Who invented the sewing machine? How did it change our society? Each sewing magazine comes with extra articles full of creative inspiration. In this magazine you will learn all about the history of the sewing machine. I have really enjoyed researching and writing these articles, so I hope you enjoy all that you will learn.


In this sewing pattern and sewing magazine we will learn how the sewing machine was invented.
In this sewing pattern and sewing magazine we will learn the history of the sewing machine.
The best sewing patterns for beginners.