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Sewing School

Course Description

From home furnishings to making a garment, this Sewing Course will build your confidence and provide inspiration for more advanced projects individual to you. This course is suitable for both children and adults. My Sewing School is design to teach you many techniques in the easiest way. Depending on the projects you choose you will learn how to sew a zip, lining, quilting, sewing curves, using interfacing, appliqué, sewing perfect corners, using different stitches on the machine to create different seams, basic clothing construction such as sewing on pockets, darts to shape clothing, heming, how to finish seams on a sewing machine and much more.

My classes are deliberately small so it allows  as much one-on-one tuition as possible. I usually have between 1-4 clients in each session, I feel this gives you a better quality of learning and a relaxed, fun environment. I work from home so my classes are relaxing and you work at your own pace. I provide cake and drinks and you are welcome to bring your slippers so you feel at home.

My courses are bespoke and cater for each person individually. Please choose from the dates/time indicated on the calendar below or if these dates/times do not work for you then once I have received your payment I will be happy to arrange a day that is more suitable. It is not necessary for you to be available for six consecutive weeks on the same day. Book the date of your first week - then I will arrange the rest of your sessions upon arrival.  

Level - Beginners/Intermediate. This workshop is for women and children and I can teach children as young as eight. (If you are a beginner then you will need to take the Back to Basics workshop, unless you have experience using a sewing machine)
Duration of each session - 2 hours

Session quantity - 6

PRICE: £165

Covid 19 Guidelines

My home is a business so I abide by the government business guidelines. At the moment my classes will be 1-2-1 so we can keep the two meter rule. I ware a face shield to keep my clients and myself safe and wash my hands before and after every lesson. Sewing machines, tools, door bell, gate and all surfaces that my clients may touch will be disinfected before and after every client. I also ask that all clients bring hand sanitiser and sanitise their hands before they enter my home. If you have any safety questions then please feel free to contact me.


The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.

― Oprah Winfrey

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Everyone sews at different paces so some projects take 1 session and others take 2 sessions to complete. If you only want to make items from the home-ware list then you can choose between 4-6 projects from the list below, this will depend on the amount of time each project takes.

If you want to make an item from the simple dressmaking list, you will need to choose 4 projects from the home-ware list and 1 from the dressmaking list.

 Home-wear Projects

No.1 The Rosaleen Cushion  (Usually takes 1 session to make)

No.2 The Rosaline Hairband  (Usually takes 1 session to make)

No.3 The Luella Bunting  (Usually takes 1 session to make)

No.4 The Alisa Headphone  Case (Usually takes 1 session to make)

No.5 The Melissa Phone  Charger Case (Usually takes 1 session to make)

No.6 The Alvina Eye Mask  (Usually takes 1 session to make)

No.7 The Elora Make-up Bag  (Usually takes 1 session to make)

No.8 The Eveline Bag  (Usually takes 2 sessions to make)

No.9 Renee Oven Glove  (Usually takes 1 session to make)

No.10 The Tilly Children's Apron  (Usually takes 1 session to make)

No.11 The Talia Apron  (Usually takes 1 session to make)

No.12 The Louisa Jewellery Roll  (Usually takes 1 session to make)

No.13 The Brenna Sewing Machine Cover  (Usually takes 1 session to make)

No.14 The Lorelei Notepad Cover  (Usually takes 1 session to make)

No.15 The Mya Sewing Machine Mat  (Usually takes 1 session to make)

No. 16 The Sophia Laptop Cover  (Usually takes 1 session to make)

No.17 Elena Dog Coat  (Usually takes 1 session to make)

No.18 The Rina Hot Water Bottle Cover  (Usually takes 1 session to make)

No.19 The Bonita Bike Panniers  (Usually takes 2 sessions to make)

No.20 The Ivona Satchel bag  (Usually takes 2 sessions to make)

No.21 The Selina Owl Cushion  (Usually takes 2 sessions to make)

No.22 The Luana Slipper  (Usually takes 2 sessions to make)

No.23 The Lottie Clutch Bag  (Usually takes 1 session to make)

No.24 The Tiana Table Runner  (Usually takes 1 session to make)

No.25 The Amelia Mid Apron  (Usually takes 1 session to make)

No.26 The Ann Sewing Machine Cover  (Usually takes 1 session to make)


Simple Dressmaking Projects

I introduce simple dressmaking projects on the course for clients who want to move on to my Dressmaking School. Here is a list below of easy projects to start with. All these projects take 2 sessions to compleate. If you would like an introduction to dressmaking then you can choose 1 item from this list.

No.27 Simple Shorts

No.28 Pencil skirt

No.29 A-line skirt

No.30 Simple top

Project Ideas

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Book Here

Please do not book your place too close to the date you wish to start.  I will need at least three days notice to ensure I have sent you your confirmation email with my address and prepared everything you will need for your class. There is no maximum time to book but the minimum is three days before the class start date.

How do you book?

Step 1, Look through the calendar, find a date & time. Only book the dates/times available, if there are no available dates/times then I am fully booked. You can then contact me here and let me know which course you are interested. I will then let you know as soon as my sessions become available.

Step 2, Type the date & time you wish to book, for example:

13/10/2020 6pm-8pm.

Step 3, Choose projects from the project list. You need to choose between 4-6 projects and let me know what they are in the projects box. I need to know all of the projects that you would like to make so I can make sure that I have everything you will need before you start.

Step 4, Click on the 'Pay Now' button.

If you would like to purchase this workshop as a gift then please use the payment button below.

Gift Voucher

Click on the ' Pay Now' button.


What if you need to reschedule your session?

I save each place especially for each individual so if you are unable to attend your session I need a minimum of two days notice (48 hours). I'm happy to reschedule your session twice if you need to, but I'm not able to reschedule without notice. So if there is a problem with the date you have book then please remember to contact me with two days notice (48 hours).


I don't offer refunds but I do my best to arrange my sessions around each clients schedule. If the government issue another lockdown then I will put my client's classes on hold and we will resume them when I reopen, so you won't loose them.

Enter Course Date & Time
Enter 4-6 Projects

I am hoping to reopen in April, this will depend on the government guidelines. If you are interested in this workshop then please use the contact form here. I will then let you know as soon as I have available dates and times.