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Digital Sewing Patterns

14 The Lorelei Notepad Cover Instructions

Hurray! They are finally here! For all you gorgeous humans that have been waiting patiently, the wait is over!

I have taught so many wonderful clients over the past eight years, and during this time I was able to see how different clients learn, what the most common questions are, and what my clients found dificult when learning from sewing patterns. I saw that there was never enough instruction and often the pattern instructions would miss out steps and presume the reader had more knowledge.

As someone who is dyslexic, I totally understand how frustrating it is for my clients to struggle with learning. I witnessed as it affected my clients self-esteem, but as I taught them step by step, their confidence would return. So I know I had to create my own sewing patterns. I didn’t just want to make sewing patterns, I wanted to create an experience – an experience where my clients could feel excited about learning, where they could feel free to learn at their own pace, and where they could feel guided every step of the way. And so I use my glorious dyslexia as a guide.

I created sewing patterns that were colourful and vibrant, as this is something I’m passionate about. Colour plays an import role in how we feel while learning. They are easy to use, as everything you will need is right there in the pattern. For example, my projects that involve quilting have the quilting line on the pattern, so it is easier for you to sew. All projects that involve pockets or a ribbon have a ‘Place Here’ marking so that you don’t have to do any extra measuring. My goal is for you to learn different techniques in the easiest way. I want you to have as much fun as possible and not tire your brain out with too many tasks.

14 The Lorelei Notepad Cover Instructions

What Skills Will You Learn?

Insight Pages

Extra Articles

Each sewing pattern comes with its own digital magazine. Each magazine ranges from 70 to 100 pages long, and they are jam-packed with all kinds of knowledge on all kinds of topics.

Each magazine comes with a large range of insight pages, such as how to use different presser feet and how to change them, a needle chart and changing a needle, understanding the grainline, fabric layouts, pattern directions, chalking, the correct and incorrect ways to pin and so much more. Each topic has its own individual page dedicated to learning that topic, so you can gain an in-depth understanding of everything you will need for this project and many more to come.

I also include guide pages. These pages guide you through the making process. The guides include how to set up your sewing machine for straight stitch, how to turn corners, and how to set up your machine for zigzag stitching. Each guide page not only shows you how to do something, but also how you can customise the stitches to create the look that you desire. There are also dedicated guide pages for both manual and digital sewing machines.

Each magazine comes with extra articles with a wide variety of fascinating topics such as the neuroscience since behind creativity, how to develop your imagination, how we learn through play, how neurodivergent people learn, the stories behind different inventions, and discovering hidden women who invented things that have shaped our daily lives. I have thoroughly enjoy researching and writing all of my articles, and I hope you have as much fun reading them as I did writing them.

Available Now

14 The Lorelei Notepad Cover Instructions
14 The Lorelei Notepad Cover Instructions

The Rosaleen Cushion

The Tilly Apron

The Elora Make-up Bag

The Luella Bunting

The Tiana Table Runner

The Talia Apron


The Louisa Jewellery Roll

The Reversible Evelyn Bag

The Brenna Sewing Machine Cover

The Mya Sewing Machine Mat


Coming Soon

14 The Lorelei Notepad Cover Instructions
14 The Lorelei Notepad Cover Instructions
14 The Lorelei Notepad Cover Instructions

The Double Oven Mitt

I have a further 22 sewing patterns and magazines to come, here is what's coming next!

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