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Course Description

Are you fed up with industry patterns not fitting you? Or do you have ideas and designs that you wish you knew how to create patterns for? Then this is the course for you.  I will teach you how to make a block pattern and show you how to use it to create your own pattern from it. This course will be tailored to your needs and you will have a range of pattern ideas to choose from.

My classes are deliberately small so it allows one-on-one tuition. I also feel this gives you a better quality of learning and a relaxed, fun environment. My courses are bespoke and cater for each person individually. Please choose from the dates/time indicated on the calendar below or if these dates/times do not work for you then once I have received your payment I will be happy to arrange a day that is more suitable. It is not necessary for you to be available for six consecutive weeks on the same day. Book the date of your first week - then I will arrange the rest of your sessions upon arrival.  

This course includes tuition, sewing machines, fabrics, all specialist materials you may need, and of course drinks and cake. Everything is provided for you so you won’t need to bring anything, of course if you would like to bring your sewing machine or fabrics then you are welcome to.

Level - Intermediate. This course is for women who are experienced at sewing. You will have needed to attend my Dressmaking School or have made similar projects at home.

Please note: This course is for students aged 18 and older.

Duration of each session - 2 hours

Session quantity - 6

PRICE: £320

Making School


Don’t worry if some or all of this doesn’t make sense, or you don’t understand this terminology. I will teach you step by step and by the end of the course you will understand.  

Depending on the patterns you wish to make you will learn:  


Using different tools

You will learn how to uses different tools to draft your own patterns.


Block Pattern

I will teach you how to make a block pattern. (This is what you create to use as a templet for your patterns) The block pattern can be created to your body measurements so when you create your own patterns they will fit you perfectly. This is optional so if you don’t want to make patterns to fit you, you can make them using standard sizing, it’s your choice.


Beginners block making

You will learn how to label a pattern correctly such as: where to place the grain lines, how to create darts, dart pivoting methods, dart manipulation and you will learn how darts shape your garments.



You will learn how to create different bodice patterns for tops and dresses, this will include: changing the block silhouette, changing necklines for different styles, creating princess Seams, facings, button stands, and linings


SleevesYou will make a sleeve block to your body measurements (or standard measurements) and then use this to draft different Sleeve patterns from.




You will make skirt patterns to your body measurements (or standard measurements). Then you will create different skirt styles from it such as: Pencil skirt, A-line, panel skirt, circular skirt. You will also learn how to create a pleat in your pattern, bias cut, create waistbands, vents, create skirt yokes, adding fullness to skirt and adding drafts for shape.



You will make a trouser block (to your body measurements if this is what you prefer). You will then learn how to create different style trousers and shorts, drafting waistbands, pockets, darts and more.



You will learn how to make different dress pattens and how to adapt them to fit your body.



Once you have crated your block you will also have the opportunity to create Toiles. A Toile is used to test your patterns and make any corrections to your pattern, it ensures your pattern fits you perfectly. If you don’t want to make patterns to fit you and just want to learn how to make standard size patterns then Toile making isn’t necessary for you.


Understanding fabrics

You will learn how different fabrics are produced and the best fabrics to use depending on your projects.

What skills will you learn?

Book Here

Please do not book your place too close to the date you wish to start.  I will need at least three days notice to ensure I have sent you your confirmation email with my address and prepared everything you will need for your class. There is no maximum time to book but the minimum is three days before the class start date.

How do you book?

Step 1, Look through the calendar, find a date & time. Only book the dates/times available, if there are no available dates/times then I am fully booked. You can then contact me here and let me know which course you are interested. I will then let you know as soon as my sessions become available.

Step 2, Type the date & time you wish to book, for example:

13/10/2021 6pm-8pm.

If these dates or times don't work for you then just leave it empty and I will be happy to arrange a more suitable date with you once I have received your payment.

Step 3, Let me know in the description box what you would most like to learn, for example skirts or tops. Please also include the size patterns you would like to make, this helps me prepare everything you would like to make. I can then also tailor the course to your needs.

Step 4, Click on the 'Pay Now' button.

If you would like to purchase this workshop as a gift then please use the payment button below.

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As my classes are very small and I save each place especially for each individual, I'm unable to reschedule classes so please make sure you are available for the date/times you book. I also don't offer refunds so again, please make sure you are able to attend the classes you have booked. If the government issues another lockdown then I will put my client's classes on hold and we will resume them when I reopen, so you won't lose them.

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