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Dressmaking School

Course Description My Dressmaking School is designed to give you the skills you need to make made-to-measure garments. Depending on the garment you choose you can learn how to amend a pattern, adding darts, cutting out, pinning and sewing, pockets, hems, buttonholes, zips, colars, sleeves and more. By the end of the six sessions, you will have the skills and knowledge to complete a range of sewing projects that are more specialist and individual. The cost covers expert advice and tutoring, the use of a sewing machine, fabric, cotton, any accessories that are needed such as zips, buttons, wadding and much more!

My classes are deliberately small so it allows  as much one-on-one tuition as possible. I usually have between 1-4 clients in each session, I feel this gives you a better quality of learning and a relaxed, fun environment. I work from home so my classes are relaxing and you work at your own pace. I provide drinks and you are welcome to bring your slippers so you feel at home.

Level - Intermediate. This course is for women and children, I can teach children as young as eight. (If you are a beginner then you will need to take the Six Week Sewing School first unless you have experience making some of the items on that course.)

Duration of each session - 2 hours

Session quantity - 6

PRICE: £230

Covid 19 Guidelines

Although the government has released the restrictions I will still continue to abide by them to ensure the safety of all my clients. Sewing machines, tools, all surfaces, doors and anything else that clients may touch will be disinfected before and after every class. All clients will be seated at a 2-4 metre distance. Only clients who are in the same household or related will be seated next to each other. I also ask that all clients sanitise their hands before they enter my home.  


A-line skirt (different styles available)

Pencil skirt(different styles available)

Pyjamas (different styles available)

Trousers (different styles available)

Simple tops (different styles available)

Shirts (different styles available)

Summer dresses (different styles available)

Office/smart dresses (different styles available)

1940's dresses (different styles available)

1950's dresses (different styles available)

Casual dresses (different styles available)

Evening dresses (different styles available)

Jumpsuits (different styles available)

Jackets & blazers (different styles available)


Waistcoats (different styles available)

Wrap around skirt (different styles available)


Bolero (different styles available)


a cross over top

Simple dresses

Boxy top

Shorts (boys & girls & (different styles available)


Jumpsuits (different styles available)

Trousers (boys & girls)

Boleros (different styles available)


Tunic (different styles available)

Tie (different styles available)

Waistcoats (different styles available)

Shirts (different styles available)

Simple A-line skirt‍‍ (different styles available)

Jackets (boys & girls)

Baby hats (boys & girls)

Simple tops (boys & girls)

Baby jumpsuits (boys & girls)

Evening Dresses

Project Ideas

The Dressmaking School is designed to give you the skills you need to make made-to-measure garments. From amending the pattern to adding darts, cutting out, pinning and sewing - everything will be covered. By the end of the six sessions, you will have the skills and knowledge to complete a range of sewing projects that are more specialist and individual.


Book Here

Please do not book your place too close to the date you wish to start.  I will need at least three days notice to ensure I have sent you your confirmation email with my address and prepared everything you will need for your class. There is no maximum time to book but the minimum is three days before the class start date.

If you would like to purchase this workshop as a gift then please use the payment button below.

Gift Voucher

Click on the ' Pay Now' button.

How do i book?

Enter Course Date & Time
Enter Project

Step 1, Choose 6 sessions that are available on the calendar and enter them in the dates & times box. Only book the dates & times available.

Step 2, Enter 1 project in the projects box.

Step 3, Click on the 'Pay Now' button.

As my classes are very small and I save each place especially for each individual, I'm unable to reschedule classes so please make sure you are available for the date/times you book. I also don't offer refunds so again, please make sure you are able to attend the classes you have booked. If the government issues another lockdown then I will put my client's classes on hold and we will resume them when I reopen, so you won't lose them.

Terms & Conditions

I would like to take a minute to appreciate all the women who have attended my dressmaking course. These women have learn many skills such as, inserting zips and waistbands, darts, hemming, pockets, facings, sleeves, using an overlocker, finishing seams on the sewing machine and much more. Their creativity has grown. They have been determined and have persevered through the tricky bits and are now developing patience with them selves. They are learning to take time to appreciate all their efforts and recognise every skill they achieve. This is so wonderful to witness, it amazing what six weeks can do. I see them when they first start learning, when they are unsure of themselves and don’t quite understand how it will all turn out. Then step-by-step it all starts to come together. They gain confidence and over time instead of asking what they need to do next; they come to me with ideas. They don’t realise how much they grow over the weeks but I see it. I see it and I love it! Well done to you all.

You are fabulous!

You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.
~ Maya Angelou

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