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West Hull, East Yorkshire For privacy reasons the full address is given via a confirmation email once a booking has been made and the payment has been received.

Create Paradise has arrived to help you find your creative side! I offer sewing classes for women and children of all ages and abilities, expert advice, quilting & unique sewing parties. All my classes are 1-2-1 at the moment and my home is large enough for us to keep a safe 2 metre distance. I work from home so the environment is relaxing and you work at your own pace. I create a peaceful atmosphere with soft music and serve cake and drinks, this is not your average sewing lesson, this is a break away from normal life, a little you time!

If you would like information on my classes such as what you can learn on each workshop/course, prices, duration of each workshop/course, experience needed, dates/times, or how to book then you will find all of this on my website. Just click on ‘Sewing Classes’ on the menu bar at the top of this site. Then click on ‘workshops’ if you would like a 2 hour workshop, or ‘Courses’ if you would like a 6 session course. There you will find all my workshops/courses, click on any of them to find out more information.

Beginners – If you are a beginner or you need to refresh your skills on a sewing machine then my Back To Basics workshop is perfect for you. Once you have attended this workshop then you are ready for my Sewing School course. After that you will be ready to move onto my Dressmaking School course if you want to learn dressmaking.

Intermediate - If you already have experience with a sewing machine and have made similar projects to my Sewing School, you can move straight onto my Dressmaking School without attending my Back To Basics workshop or Sewing School course.

Popular Classes - My courses are more popular then my workshops because my clients have more time to create a wider range of projects and gain more skills. My most favoured workshop is the Back To Basics workshop. On this workshop my clients learn how to use a machine and but there new skills into practice by making a cushion.

I have a lot of workshop and courses to choose from and all the information is on each workshop and course page, feel free to have a good look around my website. You will fine all the information for my classes on here, for any other inquiries please use the contact form below.

Need help? Get in touch.