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Course Description
This workshop is perfect for total beginners or someone who has not used a sewing machine in a while. You will be shown how to thread a machine, wind a bobbin, sew straight, turn corners, when to use different stitches, and how to finish seams. You will make your very own cushion to take home and show off your new skills!

My classes are deliberately small so it allows  as much one-on-one tuition as possible. I usually have between 1-4 clients in each session, I feel this gives you a better quality of learning and a relaxed, fun environment. I work from home so my classes are relaxing and you work at your own pace. I provide drinks and you are welcome to bring your slippers so you feel at home.
Level - Absolute Beginner. This workshop is for women and children, I can teach children as young as eight.

Duration - 2 hours

PRICE: £30

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What Will You Learn

·       Threading your machine up properly

·       How to wind the bobbin on both a front-loading and top-loading bobbins

·       How to use the presser foot

·       How to change the stitch length and when to change it

·       How to thread the needle with and without a needle threader

·       Essential equipment and tools you will need and how to use them

·       Understand and solve common sewing machine issues

·       Learn how to prevent unthreading, uneven stitching, jams, knots and snapped            needles.

·       How to change the needle

·       How to clean your sewing machine to keep it in the best condition



·       How to sew straight lines

·       How to sew curves and corners, with tips on handling different fabrics

·       How understand and use different seam allowance guides

·       How to use the reverse stitch to secure the stitch

·       How to fix stitching mistakes


Then it is time to put what you have learnt into practice by making your own cushion. You will lean how to:

·       Lay out the pattern on fabric so you save fabric and make sure you lay your pattern correctly

·       Understand the grain lines and the selvage edge of your fabric, what they are and how to use them

·       Understand basic pattern markings

·       How to cut out so you pattern and tips on cutting different fabrics

·       How to pin and sew fabric together, turning corners and tips to help you create neater corners

Book Here

Please do not book your place too close to the date you wish to start.  I will need at least three days notice to ensure I have sent you your confirmation email with my address and prepared everything you will need for your class. There is no maximum time to book but the minimum is three days before the class start date.

If you would like to purchase this workshop as a gift then please use the payment button below.

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Enter Course Date & Time

Step 1, Choose 1 session that is available on the calendar and enter it in the dates & times box. Only book the dates & times available.

Step 2, Enter 4-6 projects in the projects box.

Step 3, Click on the 'Pay Now' button.

How do you book?

As my classes are very small and I save each place especially for each individual, I'm unable to reschedule classes so please make sure you are available for the date/times you book. I also don't offer refunds so again, please make sure you are able to attend the classes you have booked. If the government issues another lockdown then I will put my client's classes on hold and we will resume them when I reopen, so you won't lose them.

Terms & Conditions

This is the real secret of life -- to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.

― Alan W. Watts

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