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Alterations School

Course Description

Would you like to be able to alter and upcycle your clothes? Or want to learn how to reshape them so they fit well? Then this course is for you! On this course you will learn techniques to build up the basic skills you need to alter your clothes, revamp your wardrobe and save money!

Do you have a garment that you absolutely love and fits you perfectly? During this course you can learn how to make a pattern - meaning you can create the garment at home again and again. Or is there an unworn dress still stuck in your wardrobe? The one that you wish was something else - a top, or maybe even a skirt, but previously thought it wasn’t possible? Well I have a secret I would like to share with you…it is possible and I can show you how. Become confident at adapting clothes into something new and improved - whether it is changing dresses into skirts or tops into bags. Once I have shown you the know-how, there will be no stopping you. Customise or adapt one of your favourite garments with my range of fabulous fabrics. You may even start your own fashion trend!

My courses are bespoke and cater for each person individually. Please choose from the dates/time indicated on the calendar below or if these dates/times do not work for you then once I have received your payment I will be happy to arrange a day that is more suitable. It is not necessary for you to be available for six consecutive weeks on the same day. Book the date of your first week - then I will arrange the rest of your sessions upon arrival.

When I reopen I will only teach a few clients at a time and probably start with 1-2-1 sessions just to make it safer. I also disinfect my house regularly anyway but I will disinfect my before and after each client's session, this will include disinfecting door handles, light switches, tables, chairs, sewing machines and anything else that my be touched. I'm also happy to wear masks if this will help you feel safer. If you have any safety questions then please feel free to contact me.

Level - Beginners/Intermediate. This course is for women and children, I can teach children as young as eight. (If you are a beginner then you will need to take the Back to Basics workshop, unless you have experience using a sewing machine)

Session Quantity - 6

Duration of each session - 2 hours

PRICE: £150

I'm currently closed at the moment due to the lockdown but I will be reopening once the government say it is safe to.
Covid 19 Guidelines

My home is a business so I abide by the government business guidelines. At the moment my classes will be 1-2-1 so we can keep the two meter rule. I ware a face shield to keep my clients and myself safe and wash my hands before and after every lesson. Sewing machines, tools, door bell, gate and all surfaces that my clients may touch will be disinfected before and after every client. I also ask that all clients bring hand sanitiser and sanitise their hands before they enter my home. If you have any safety questions then please feel free to contact me.


What you will learn

This will depend of what you will like to learn and the garments you bring to alter or recreate.

How to mark, unpick and pin alterations into place

How to create different types of hems
How to take in or let out garments including adjusting waistbands.

How to take up and let down hems

How to fix gaping necklines and reduce big shoulders

How to sew on buttons and other types of fastenings

How to hem jeans How to insert elastic and stop it from twisting

How to transform and reshape garments using different upcycling techniques

Customise or adapt one of your favourite garments and much more!


Get in touch

If these dates or times don't work for you then contact us here

and we will be happy to help. Looking forward to hearing from you!

The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.

― Oprah Winfrey

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Please do not book your place too close to the date you wish to start.  I will need at least three days notice to ensure I have sent you your confirmation email with my address and prepared everything you will need for your class. There is no maximum time to book but the minimum is three days before the class start date.

If you would like to purchase this workshop as a gift then please use the payment button below.

Step 1, Look through the calendar, find a date & time. Only book the dates/times available, if there are no available dates/times then I am fully booked. You can then contact me here and let me know which course you are interested. I will then let you know as soon as my sessions become available.

Step 2, Type the date & time you wish to book, for example:

13/10/2019 6pm-8pm.

If these dates or times don't work for you then just leave it empty and I will be happy to arrange a more suitable date with you once I have received your payment.

Step 3, Enter the projects you wish to alter. Depending on the projects you may be able to alter a few items. We can talk about this once you are here, I just need to know what you would like to alter and then I can prepare everything you will need.

Step 4, Click on the 'Pay Now' button.

Gift Voucher

Click on the 'Pay Now' button.

What if you need to reschedule your session?

I save each place especially for each individual so if you are unable to attend your session I need a minimum of two days notice (48 hours). I'm happy to reschedule your session twice if you need to, but I'm not able to reschedule without notice. So if there is a problem with the date you have book then please remember to contact me with two days notice (48 hours)

I don't offer refunds but I do my best to arrange my sessions around each clients schedule. If the government issue another lockdown then I will put my client's classes on hold and we will resume them when I reopen, so you won't loose them.

Enter Course Date & Time
Enter Projects

Book Here

I am hoping to reopen in April, this will depend on the government guidelines. If you are interested in this workshop then please use the contact form here. I will then let you know as soon as I have available dates and times.